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 Gerardo Balestrieri is a man out of time and place, equally at home in a smoke-shrouded nightclub as on a foggy cobblestone sidewalk, sliding easily between gypsy jazz, caf ballads, French chansons, Neapolitan folk... The Italian singer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Gerardo Balestrieri presents his Turkish Neapolitan Project, accompanied by members of the eclectic powerhouse Fishtank Ensemble. After opening sets by the virtuoso Fishtank crew, as well as special guests Æ from Brooklyn and Turkish wind ensemble MWE, Balestrieri offers his original music in a variety of languages and musical styles, full of humor and exquisite beauty. In addition to singing of love, homeland and humor in several languages, Balestrieri plays accordion, clarinet, and various keyboards. He is accompanied by Fishtank Ensemble... From Naples and now living in Venice, Italy, Gerardo Balestrieri highlights special music from his latest recording, "Un Turco Napolitano," Neapolitan songs accompanied on CD by a Turkish ensemble. The CD won second place in the competition for best 2009 album in Italy. Balestrieri sings with a deep voice in such languages as Italian, Greek, French, Neapolitan, and English. His lyrics often use poetry: irony, bizarre sarcasm, Ethno-Jazz, French swing, Tzigane ethnicity, and Middle Orient sensual power. He loves to joke with words without forgetting the importance of rhythm and dance. Originally from Naples, Gerardo Balestrieri incorporates the vibrant colors and texture of his native lands music into his kaleidescope of cultures in his music. With a deep, sardonic baritone often infused with bittersweet longing, he sings of love, clowns and musical scripture, longing for homelands and of social irony... His travels throughout Eastern Europe and Greece have inspired his accordion and clarinet playing, and his open character has led him to wed Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Western European music. His earlier album, I Nasi Buffi e la Scrittura Musicale, blends french chanson italian poetry, greek rembetikoh, and his own style. His latest, Un Turco Napolitano, is an hommage to his native Naples with a turkish band, blending two different- and yet surprisingly similar,passionate musical cultures... Gerardo Balestrieri, hailing from Venice Italy but originally from Naples, creates a sensuous europe world jazz with his deep voice and musical blend of turkish neapolitan, french, greek and balkan music. His music tells of love, snobbery, irony, and longing. His most recent album, Un Turco Napolitano, won second place in Italys 2009 Premio.....the italian equivalent of the Grammys. For his first US tour, he is hosted by gypsy band Fishtank Ensemble, joining two of their members to help him perform his unique blend of euro, sensual oriental music. Gerardo Balestrieri, who recently won second place in Italy's national competition for best CD of 2009, will bring his internationally acclaimed ensemble "Les Travailleurs de La Nuit" (The Night Workers) to Moody's Bistro & Lounge on Friday, November 27 and Baxter's Bistro & Lounge on Saturday, November 28 for two free shows. Now living in Venice, Italy, Balestrieri studied at Oriental University of Naples. He has performed in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Germany and Switzerland. In 2000 and 2005, Balestrieri was invited to perform at the Premio Tenco where he played in session with Stefano Bollani, Ellade Bandini, Mauro Pagani, Francesco Guccini and others. He was invited back again to the Premio Tenco in 2007. He has also performed at the International Pelago Festival, the Mantova Musica Festival, and the Sciamano Showman Festival. His first album, I Nasi Buffi e la Scittura Musicale, is considered the Second First Opera of 2007. In July and August, he records and presents with Arif Azerturk Ensemble of Istanbul "A Neapolitan Turk in Venice," which is the Neapolitan song revisited in the Ottoman style, with musicians and instruments of Asia Minor. His deep voice is well suited to a variety of languages, including Italian, Greek, French and English. His lyrics often are poetic with a sense of irony and bizarre sarcasm. His music covers everything from Etno-Jazz to swing to Tzigane, a type of music that originated with the nomadic Romani people known for its Greek, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Czech, Slavic, Romanian, German, French... Gerardo Balestrieri will charm audiences with his unique blend of neapolitan, turkish, greek, french,and italian originals, with world music and jazz styles, sung in his deep resonating voice. His ensemble includes clarinet, accordion, baglaman, violin, percussions (cajon, dumbek) , guitar and upright bass....